Connected Health and Wellness Project



Imagine having all of your health information in one place that you control and that you can access easily through your smart phone or laptop. Imagine being able to share that information with anyone you trust to support you in your health and wellness activities. Imagine having proven health apps to help you monitor, improve and maintain your health, or that link you with a professional health coach for expert advice and support. Integrating mobile, cloud based computer technology, York University, NexJ Systems Inc., McMaster University and 13 Ontario private sector, academic and not-for-profit research partners have come together to turn this vision into reality through the Connected Health and Wellness Project (CHWP).

With $38 million in investments, with the support of the Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, the Connected Health and Wellness Project  is part of a brighter future based on people-centred health. It will not only ensure better health for all Canadians, but a more accessible and efficient health-care system, plus economic growth through job creation.

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