What is a Petition?

A petition is a formal request for the waiver of a Faculty regulation or deadline. Students have the right to petition on reasonable grounds for special consideration.  Examples of common petitions include:

How do I Petition?

Print off, fill out and submit your petition package to Student Client Services in the Bennett Centre (building 41). A petition is your request, your petition letter (personal statement) must be written by you.

See more information on academic petitions here.

How to Complete a Petition Package?

Below is a multimedia presentation which will guide you through the process of submitting a petition.


How do I write a petition letter (Personal Statement)?

A petition letter is a personal statement which explains why you are petitioning.
Think of your petition letter like an essay:

  • State the regulation you are petitioning
  • Outline the circumstances impacting your performance
  • Address each circumstance in a separate paragraph
  • Refer to any relevant supporting documentation
  • Acknowledge responsibility for performance
  • Outline the steps you have undertaken to improve performance, and those you will undertake if your petition is granted
  • Edit and proof-read the letter for errors and grammar prior to submission

What happens once I submit my petition?

  • Once you submit your petition to Student Client Services it is sent to the Petitions Coordinator. The Coordinator reviews each petition and may elect to solicit background information from the teaching units or departments involved in the petition.
  • Petitions are always dealt with by your Home Faculty regardless of the course(s) involved. The Petitions Coordinator presents petitions to the Petitions Committee which considers each petition and makes a decision.  The Committee takes into consideration any previous warnings about academic responsibility.
  • Students may not appear before the Committee.
  • A petition decision is communicated, in writing, by the Petitions Coordinator on behalf of the Petitions Committee.  Please note: The petitions and appeals process is confidential. However, where a petition or an appeal includes allegations about the actions or advice of an employee or office of the University, the employee or a representative of the office in question may be given a copy of the petition letter and an opportunity to respond to the allegations.  In such cases, the student is presumed to have waived the right to confidentiality as it concerns those individuals.A petition or appeal decision letter also may include information and specific warnings about the student's academic responsibilities and the Committee will take that information and the warnings into consideration when reviewing any future petition submitted by the student.

What’s the deadline to submit a petition?

For late withdrawal (drop):
Petitions can be completed anytime after the drop deadline has passed and up to thirty (30) days after the last day of class. Such petitions may be considered for a period of up to one year if they are based on special circumstances.

For deferred standing (Final Examinations and Assignments):
A Deferred Standing Agreement (DSA) ( is the preferred method of arranging deferred standing, and is subject to the deadline specified on the Agreement form.  For more information go to

  • You have seven (7) days to communicate your request for deferred standing after a missed final exam, or one week after the last day to submit term work.
  • If you miss the deadline for the DSA or if the Course director does not agree to sign the DSA then you must submit a petition for deferred standing.
  • Petitions for deferred standing normally will not be considered if submitted more than one month after the date of a missed final exam, or more than one month after the last day to submit term work.

How do I appeal if I receive a negative decision?

You may request reconsideration of a negative decision on the grounds of relevant additional information, or on the grounds of procedural irregularity by the Committee in considering the petition.

An appeal letter and any new documentation or evidence must be submitted to Student Client Services in the Bennett Centre (building 41) within 30 days of the date of the petition decision letter.

Every appeal should be accompanied with a petition form that indicates the regulation that is being appealed.

Attend a Petitions Workshop

If your grades are not what you expect, the Faculty of Health Office of Student and Academic Services offers group sessions on your petition options.

Reserve your spot for the petitions workshop!