Integrating EE into Your Course

April 5, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
1014 Dahdaleh Building

The EE workshops are designed to support faculty who wish to incorporate Experiential Education into their teaching, either in the classroom or in the community. Integrating Experiential Education into Your Course combines the content of Introduction to Experiential Education and Experiential Education: Reflection and Assessment. In the first half of the workshop, we will define EE and its three foci in the context of York, discuss the theory informing EE, and consider the critical role of structured reflection in experiential education. In the second half, we will brainstorm ideas for reflective activities and consider how to evaluate experiential learning. The workshop will be delivered via presentations, videos and hands-on activities designed to help participants develop an EE course or course activity that includes reflective learning and its assessment, for both in-class and community focused EE.

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