Lifeline Syria Challenge at York: Team Health

Team Health

From left: Alaa Youssef, Anda Petro, Habbiba Ahmed, Harvey Skinner, Lesley Beagrie, Monica Abdelkader, Mazen Hamadeh - Not pictured: Beryl Pilkington, Jala Rizeq, James FitzGerald.


Anda Petro apetro@yorku.caTeam Health Lead/Primary Contact
Experiential Education Coordinator
Beryl Pilkington - Team Health Treasurer/Alternate Contact
Associate Professor (Nursing) and Global Health BA/BSc program Coordinator
Lesley Beagrie Associate Professor (Nursing), Co-Chair York University’s Mental Health Steering Committee and Vice-Chair of Senate
Harvey Skinner Professor and Founding Dean
Mazen Hamadeh Associate Professor (Kinesiology & Health Science) and Master of Stong College
Habbiba Ahmed B.Sc. Specialized Honours Candidate Kinesiology & Health Science
James FitzGerald PhD candidate in Political Science
Jala Rizeq PhD candidate in Clinical Developmental Psychology
Alaa Youssef BSc. Specialized Honours Candidate Kinesiology & Health Science
Nazaneen Hosseinpour Ryerson Student