What does Experiential Education look like in the classroom?

Working in groups to film videos.
Engaging with guest speakers and interviewing professionals in the field.
Collaborating on a group research project.
Engaging in structured reflection activities.
Participating in and reflecting on hands-on assignments.
Learning cooperatively through a Jigsaw activity.
Participating in hands-on laboratory courses.
Developing creative representations of course concepts.
Designing and conducting experiments.
Engaging in simulations in the Nursing Simulation Centre.
Practicing skills in a laboratory course.

What does Experiential Education look like in the community?

Psychology students applying their skills in community based research projects.
Health Studies students developing solutions for community-identified projects.
Kinesiology students engaging children in physical activities.
Athletic Therapy students complete placements in settings like private clinics, professional and amateur teams.
Kinesiology students helping children learn to skate.
Health studies students conducting a workflow analysis.