Global Health

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Global Health student

From Campus to the Corners of the World

Global health challenges, such as chronic and communicable diseases, do not recognize borders. The health of the world’s population is intertwined with broader issues, including wealth disparity, environmental degradation, government policy and human rights. Students in York’s Global Health degree examine these and other issues in small classroom settings benefitting from direct interaction with their professors and fellow students.

Global Health Courses

All students, whether in the BA or BSc options, are exposed to the major issues that are at the forefront of global health through core courses, including:

  • Global Health Governance and Leadership
  • Global Health Policy, Power and Politics
  • Health and Human Rights
  • Determinants of Health: Local to Global
  • Chronic Diseases and Care
  • Communicable Diseases and Care
  • Healthcare Planning for Communities
  • Healthcare Ethics
  • Agents of Change in a Global World
    (strongly recommended as an elective course)

Canada’s first undergraduate global health degree. Listed by Maclean’s Magazine as one of York’s “Standout Programs.”

“This program gave me
a sense of purpose and direction, of what I can do to make a difference”
- Global Health graduate

Real World Experience

All Global Health students have an opportunity to do a placement with an organization locally or internationally. Examples of organizations where students can be placed include the Hospital for Sick Children, Black Creek Community Health Centre, Doctors Without Borders, the World Health Organization, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and YorkU’s EcoCampus in Costa Rica.

Global Health student Oyewunmi

“I really developed my communication skills and professional capabilities. It was a wonderful, collaborative experience that I enjoyed a lot.”

Oyewunmi, who worked at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Toronto, doing research and communications work on reducing HIV stigma in the African-Caribbean community

Global Health student Andre

“I was able to apply what I learned about social determinants of health and biomedical ethics in a real work environment. It was a life-changing experience to explore Costa Rica and be welcomed into the community as an honourary member.”

Andre, who worked at the Toxicology Institute, York’s EcoCampus in Costa Rica on a clean water trial project

Global Health student Fatima

“My placement taught me how NGOs work and I had a great mentor who helped me to hone my skills. I see myself working in an NGO.”

Fatima, who worked at Doctors Without Borders, Toronto, on advocacy and policy research and development

Careers in Global Health

  • Global Health Policy Analyst/Advisor
  • Health Systems Planner*
  • Clinic Director
  • Health Educator/Health Promoter – chronic diseases, communicable diseases, maternal/child wellbeing
  • Health Manager
  • Health Researcher
  • Nurse*
  • Community Health Worker
  • Community Development – environmental health, sustainable water, housing
  • Physician*
  • Information Specialist
  • Communications Specialist
  • Lawyer*
  • Teacher*
  • Systems Integration Specialist

*with further postgraduate training

Pathway to Medical & Professional Schools: Taught by professors in all areas of the Faculty of Health – Health Policy & Management, Kinesiology & Health Science, Nursing and Psychology – the Global Health degree provides an excellent foundation for medical school, professional schools (e.g. law, teaching), graduate school and postgraduate training (e.g. nursing).

Global Health Graduates

The first graduating class from York’s Global Health degree (established 2014) are starting new careers in medicine, research, nursing, and more, as well as going on to graduate school.

Global Health alumni Nishila Global Health alumni Ranjana Global Health alumni Samira Global Health alumni Rimaljit Global Health alumni Andre

Nishila Mehta
Medical School,
University of Toronto

Ranjana Nagi
Research Fellow,
Global Strategy Lab

Samira Ugas
2nd Entry Nursing program,
York University

Rimaljit Kaur
Research Assistant,
Brampton Civic Hospital,
William Osler Health System

Andre Moura
Masters in Environmental
Studies program,
York University

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