Required and Sample Elective Courses in Kinesiology & Health Science

Students are required to take certain courses, as outlined below. Each incoming student will receive instruction regarding course selection prior to the start of the academic year.
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General List of Core Courses

KINE 1000 Kinesiology: Sociocultural Perspectives
KINE 1020 Fitness and Health
KINE 2011 Human Physiology I
KINE 2031 Human Anatomy
KINE 2049 Research Methods in Kinesiology
KINE 2050 Analysis of Data in Kinesiology I
KINE 3000 Psychology of Physical Activity and Health
KINE 3012 Human Physiology II
KINE 3020 Skilled Performance and Motor Learning
KINE 3030 Biomechanics of Human Movement
KINE 4010 Exercise Physiology
KINE 4020 Human Nutrition
8 Practicum (PKIN) Courses

Sample Elective Courses

KINE 2490 Athletic Therapy I
KINE 3340 Growth, Maturation and Physical Activity
KINE 3400 Fitness Consulting and Personal Fitness Training
KINE 4420 Relaxation: Theory and Practice
KINE 4518 Stem Cells: Physiology and Therapeutic Applications
KINE 4900 Exercise Therapy for Chronic Disease