Kinesiology & Health Science

Kinesiology & Health Science lab

What is Kinesiology & Health Science?

Kinesiology and Health Science is the study of physical activity and its importance for human health, health science and society. The program addresses the continuum of human movement from the cellular level to the whole body in the bioscience, psychological and sociocultural domains.

Kinesiology & Health Science program at York

York’s Kinesiology & Health Science program has been consistently ranked among the top 3 in Canada and 1st in Ontario (2016, 2017 and 2018 ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments). Our program offers the largest selection of courses available at any Canadian university, offering tremendous choice to help students determine their study and career interests. All of our core courses are taught by full-time faculty who are internationally recognized researchers, teachers and clinical practitioners doing leading edge work.

You have the option of working toward either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. In both degree options, the program includes required core courses in Anatomy, Biomechanics, Data Analysis and Research Methods, Fitness and Health, Nutrition, Physiology (Cellular, Systems and Exercise), Psychology of Physical Activity and Health, Skilled Performance and Motor Learning, and Socio-cultural Perspectives.
The BA program exposes students to a range of non-KINE courses in liberal arts disciplines such as humanities and social science; while the BSc option allows students to explore non-KINE courses in physical, biological and computer sciences.

As your studies proceed you may choose advanced elective courses in: anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, fitness, nutrition, epidemiology, athletic therapy, aging, health psychology, growth and development, sport culture, etc.

For more information on our programs, contact the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at or at 416-736-5807.

Kinesiology and Health Science Biomechanics Lab

Opportunities for Students

Students have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in the community through experiential education such as our partnership with the Driftwood Community Centre in which students participate in the KIN kids program – non-competitive, research informed, guided active play for inactive children in the Jane and Finch community between the ages of six to 12 at risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes. In addition to providing children with opportunities for exercise through play while developing their social skills, participating York students apply what they learned in the classroom through on site testing for Body Mass Index (BMI), percentage of body fat, waist circumference, aerobic power, blood pressure and heart rate. More information on experiential education opportunities.

Kine students in labOur certificates in Athletic Therapy and Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling provide students with the opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in these growing areas.

Through class instruction, interactive laboratories (e.g. anatomy, physiology and biomechanics) and community experience, students acquire a combination of theoretical knowledge, hands on experience, as well as valuable transferable skills including critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, collaboration, communication and presentation skills.

The Kinesiology & Health Science Student Association (KAHSSO) provides students with great opportunities to network as well as participate in social activities.

Careers in Kinesiology & Health Science

The demand for caring, qualified professionals with a background in Kinesiology & Health Science is increasing due to an aging and growing population and workforce, new technologies, restructured health care systems, stressful working environments, and new views on the significance of physical activity for human health, health sciences, and society.

York Kinesiology & Health Science graduates are working in many fields as researchers, teachers, fitness specialists and rehabilitation advisors, community health counselors, program and policy formulators and managers, sports trainers and fitness club managers. With additional professional training, many of our graduates have gone on to careers in medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, pharmacy, optometry and much more. Below is a sampling of some of the many careers that York Kinesiology & Health Science graduates have gone on to:

Careers for Kinesiology & Health Science graduates

• Registered Kinesiologist
• Exercise Physiologist
• Fitness Consultant / Fitness Club Manager
• Coaching
• Athletic/Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Program coordinator (children, seniors, individuals with disabilities)
• Researcher
• Sport Management
• Vocational Rehabilitation
• Wellness Coordinator

With further postgraduate training

• Medicine
• Medical Imaging
• Chiropractor
• Dentist
• Nutritionist/Dietician
• Pharmacy
• Physiotherapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Optometrist
• Teacher

For more information: So, what’s next? A guide to careers for Kinesiology & Health Science Majors