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444 Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies - HNES
Keele Campus
Phone: 14162065529

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Faculty of Health - School of Health Policy & Management


PhD (Health Studies/Population Health) - 1997
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Canada

M.A. (Clinical Psychology) - 1988
University of Western Ontario
London, Canada

B.A. (Hons. Psychology) - 1987
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Canada

Selected Publications

Ossip DJ, Diaz S, Quiñones Z, McIntosh S, Dozier A, Chin N, Weber E, Holderness H, Torres E, Bautista A, Sanchez JJ, Avendaño E, Dye TDV, McDonald P, Bianco E.  Lessons learned from twelve years of partnered tobacco cessation research in the Dominican Republic.  Journal of Smoking Cessation.  2016; 11(2): 99-107.  DOI: http//

Costello MJ*, Garcia J, McDonald PW, Doucette M*, Kronstal A, Korgak A, Charron M, Osborne G, Sobel I.  Smoking cessation in Nunavut, Canada:  What do Inuit have to say about quitting?  International Journal of Circumpolar Health 2013;72:258-259. 

Schoueri-Mychasiwi N*, McDonald PW. Factors associated with under-screening for cervical cancer among women in Canada.  Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2013;14(11):6445-50. 

Papadakis, S.*, McDonald, P., Pipe, Leatherdale, S., Reid, R., and S. Brown. Effectiveness of telephone-based follow-up support delivered in combination with a multi-component smoking cessation intervention in family practice: A cluster-randomized trial. Preventive Medicine 2013;56(6);390-397.  Http://

Bondy SJ, Victor JC, Diemert LM, Mecredy G, Chaiton M, Brown KS, Cohen JE, Ferrence R, Garcia J, McDonald PW, Selby P, Schwartz R.  Transitions in smoking status in a population-based panel study of smokers.  Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2013;15(7):1201-1210.  doi: 10.1093/ntr/nts259

Bondy SJ, Diemert LM, Victor JC, McDonald PW, Cohen JE.  Assessing the reach of nicotine replacement therapy as a preventive public health measure.  Chronic Diseases in Canada 2012;33(1):19-28. 

Cohen J, McDonald PW, Selby P.  Softening up on the hardening hypothesis. Tobacco Control, 2012;21:265-266.  Doi:10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2011-050381.  

Costello MJ*, Logel C, Fong G, Zanna M, McDonald PW.  Perceived risk predicts quitting behavior:  Results from the ITC four country study.  American Journal of Health Behavior, 2012;36(5):681-692. .    

Ip D, Cohen J,  Bondy S, Selby P, Schwartz R, McDonald P, Garcia J, Ferrence R. Do components of current “hardcore” definitions predict quitting behaviour?  Addiction, 2012; 107(2):434-440.  DOI 10.1111/j.1360.0443.2011.03674.x 

Sendzik T*, McDonald PW, Brown SK, Hammond D, Ferrence R.  A response to Prochaska:  Life doesn’t always go according to plan, your quit attempt may not either.  Addiction, 2011; 106:2014.   

Sendzik T*, McDonald PW, Brown KS, Hammond D, Ferrence R. An examination of planned quit attempts among Ontario smokers and it impact on abstinence.  Addiction, 2011; 106:2005-2013. post print doi 10.111/j.1360-0443.2011.03498.x    

Mecredy G, Cohen J, Ferrence R, Poland B, McDonald P, Garcia J.  Typologies of smokers and non-smokers:  Encouraging changes over time.  Tobacco Control, 2011; 20:385. doi: 10.1136/tc.2011.042887  (Research letter)

Edwards SA*, Bondy SJ, Kowiger M, McDonald PW, Cohen JE.  Are occasional smokers a heterogeneous group? An exploratory study.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2010; 12(12):1195-1202.

Papadakis S,* McDonald PW, Mullen KA, Reid R, Skulsky K, Pipe A.  Strategies to increase the delivery of smoking cessation treatment in primary care settings:  A systematic review and meta-analysis.  Preventive Medicine, 2010; 51:199-213.

Costa Michelle L.* Cohen Joanna E, Chaiton Michael O*, Ip, David*, McDonald Paul, Ferrence Roberta.  “Hardcore” definitions and their application to a population-based sample of smokers.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research 2010; 12 (8):  860-864. doi:10.1093/ntr/ntq103. 

Bondy SJ, Victor JC, O’Connor S, McDonald PW, Diemert LM, Cohen JE.  Predictive validity and measurement issues in documenting quit intentions in population surveillance studies. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2010;12(1): 43-52.  doi:10.1093/ntr/ntp171.

McDonald PW, Viehbeck S,* Robinson SJ, Leatherdale ST, Nykiforuk CIJ.  Building capacity for evidence-based decision making in public health:  an example from Canadian tobacco control.  Tobacco Induced Diseases, 2009; 5(12). doi:10.1186/1617-9625-5-12.  Advance copy online at 

Luk, Rita, Cohen, Joanna, Ferrence, Roberta, McDonald, Paul W., Schwartz, Robert, Bondy, Susan J.  Prevalence and correlates of purchasing contraband cigarettes on First Nations reserves in Ontario, Canada.  Addiction, 2009;104:488-495. oi:10.1111/j.1360=0443.2008.02453.x   

Bader P, McDonald P, Selby P.  An algorithm for tailoring pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation:  Results from a delphi panel of international experts. Tobacco Control, 2009;18:34-42. doi:10.1136/tc.2008.025635. 

Reid RD, Morrin LI, Pipe AL, Dafoe WA, Higginson LAJ, Wielgosz AT, LeHaye SA, McDonald PW, Plotnikoff RC, Courneya KS, Oldridge NB, Beaton LJ, Papadakis S*, D’Angelo MES, Tulloch HE, Blanchard CM.  Physical activity following hospitalization for coronary artery disease:  The Tracking Exercise After Cardiac Hospitalization (TEACH) Study.  European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation 2008;15:747. 

Diemert LM, Bondy SJ, Victor CJ, Cohen JE, Brown KS, Ferrence R, Garcia J, McDonald P, Selby P, Stephens T. Efficient screening of current smoking status in recruitment of smokers for population-based research.  Journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2008; 10 (11): 1663-1667. 

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Leatherdale ST, McDonald PW.  Youth smokers’ beliefs about different cessation approaches:  Are we providing cessation interventions they never intend to use? Cancer Causes and Control 2007;18:783-791.

Hader, Joanne M., White, Robin, Lewis, Steven, J., Foreman, Jeanette, McDonald, Paul W. and Thompson, Laurence G.  Doctors’ views of clinical practice guidelines:  A qualitative exploration using innovation theory. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 2007:13;601-606.

McDonald Paul W. and Viehbeck Sarah.* From evidence-based practice making to practice-based evidence making: Creating communities of (research) and practice. Health Promotion Practice, 2007; 8(2), 140-144.  DOI: 0.1177/1524839906298494

McDonald, Paul W.  A practical, cost efficient method for recruiting participants into healthy eating programs. Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Policy and Practice 2007;4(2).

Chaiton, Michael O.*, Cohen, Joanna E., McDonald, Paul W., Bondy, Susan J.   The Heaviness of Smoking Index as a predictor of smoking cessation in Canada.   Addictive Behavior, 2007;32(5):1031-1042.

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Leatherdale, Scott T,*  McDonald, Paul, Cameron, Roy, Jolin, Mari-Alice, Brown, K Stephen.  A multi-level analysis examining how smoking friends, family members and older students in the school environment are risk factors for susceptibility to smoking around non-smoking elementary school youth.  Prevention Science 2006;7(4). 

Leatherdale, Scott T,* McDonald, Paul W.  Are the recommenced taxonomies for the stages of youth smoking onset consistent with youth’s perceptions of their smoking status?  Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2006;97(4):316-319. 

Cornuz, Jacques, Gilber,t Allison, Pingest, Christopher, McDonald, Paul, Slama, Karen, Salto, Esteve, Paccaud, Fred.  Cost-effectiveness of pharmacotherapies for nicotine dependence in primary care settings – a multinational comparison.   Tobacco Control 2006:15;152-159. 

Hammond D,* Fong GT, McDonald PW, Brown KS, Cameron R.  Showing leads to doing:  Graphic cigarettes warning labels are an effective public health policy.  European Journal of Public Health, 2006:16(2);223-224. 

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Leatherdale, Scott T,* McDonald, Paul W., Cameron, Roy, Brown, Stephen K.   A multi-level analysis examining the relationship between social influences for smoking and smoking onset.  American Journal of Health Behavior 2005;29(6): 520-530. 

Leatherdale, Scott T,* McDonald, Paul W.  What smoking cessation approaches will young smokers use?  Addictive Behaviors 2005;30:1614-1618.

Leatherdale, Scott T,* Cameron, Roy, Brown, K Stephen, McDonald, Paul W.  Senior student smoking at school, student characteristics, and smoking onset among junior students:  a multi-level analysis.  Preventive Medicine 2005;40(6): 853-859.

Leatherdale Scott T,* Brown, K. Stephen, Cameron Roy, and McDonald Paul W.    Social modeling in the school environment, student characteristics, and smoking susceptibility:  a multi-level analysis.  Journal of Adolescent Health 2005;37 (4): 330-336.

McIntosh S,  Ossip-Klein DJ, Hazel-Fernandez,L, Spada J,  McDonald PW, Klein JD.  Recruitment of physician offices for office-based adolescent smoking cessation study. Nicotine and Tobacco Research 2005;7(3): 405-412.

Smith, Patricia M., Cameron, Roy, McDonald, Paul W., Kawash, Beth, Madill, Cheryl, and Brown, K.Stephen.  Structuring telephone counseling for population-based smoking cessation.  American Journal of Health Behavior 2004;28: 231-241.

McDonald, Paul W. A low cost, practical method for increasing smokers use of smoking cessation programs. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2004;95 (1): 50-53. 

Hammond, David,* McDonald, Paul W., Fong, Geoffrey T., Brown, K. Stephen and Cameron, Roy.  The Impact of cigarette warning labels and smoke free by-laws on smoking cessation:  Evidence from former smokers.  Canadian Journal of Public Health 2004;95(3): 201-.204. 

Hammond, David*, Fong, Geoffrey T., McDonald, Paul W., Cameron, Roy and Brown, K. Stephen.  Graphic Canadian cigarette warning labels do not lead to adverse outcomes:  Evidence from a longitudinal survey of adult smokers. American Journal of Public Health 2004; 4(8): 1442-1445.   

Hammond, David,*, Fong, Geoffrey T., McDonald, Paul W. and Borland, Ron.  Do smokers know how to quit?  Knowledge and perceived effectiveness of cessation assistance as predictors of cessation behaviour in a longitudinal sample of smokers.  Addiction 2004;99: 1042-1048.

Backinger C., McDonald P., Ossip-Klein D., Colby S., Maule C., Fagan P., Husten C., and Colwell B. Improving the future of youth smoking cessation:  Building the research foundation.  American Journal of Health Behavior 2003;27 (suppl. 2): S170 – S184.

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McDonald, Paul and Brown, K. Stephen.  The validity and reliability of survey questions used to assess youth smoking.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research 2000;2(3): 300-301. [top 50 abstract selected for publication]

Lewis S, Barer, ML.,  Sanmartin, C., Sheps, S.,  Shortt, SED., and McDonald PW.  Ending waiting list mis-management:  Principles and practice. Canadian Medical Association Journal 2000;162(9): 1297-1300. 

Sanmartin, C., Shortt SED., Barer ML., Sheps S., Lewis S. and McDonald PW.  Waiting for medical services in Canada:  Lots of heat, little light.  Canadian Medical Association Journal 2000;162(9): 1305-1310.

Cameron, Roy; Walker, Rosemary; Gough, Myrna and McDonald, Paul. Linking public health science and practice:  An example from the Canadian Heart Health Initiative.  International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 2000;13(6/7): i - vii. 

McDonald, Paul W. Population-based recruitment for quit smoking programs:  An analytic review of communication variables.  Preventive Medicine 1999;28: 545-557.

McDonald, Paul W.  A case for the treatment of obesity.  Journal of the Canadian Dietetic Association 1995;56: 131-136.

McDonald, Paul W. and Prkachin, Kenneth, M. The expression and perception of facial emotion in alexithymia:  A pilot study.  Psychosomatic Medicine 1990;52: 199-210.


Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research
Senior Research Fellow

Service/Community Activities

World NCD Congress 2023
Treasurer and Chair of Scientific Committee


Fellow, Royal Society of Public Health - 2008

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences - 2017

Member, Royal Society of New Zealand - 2013

Outstanding Performance Award for Faculty - 2007

Outstanding Performance Award for Faculty - 2004

Ed Nelson Memorial Research Award, International Society for the Prevention of Tobacco Induced Diseases - 2003

New Investigator Award, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco - 2003

Senior Research Fellow, Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research - 2021


Currently available to supervise graduate students: No

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: No

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: No

Current Research

Global health

Population level intervention

Chronic disease prevention

Health impact of social connection

Program and policy planning andimplementation for public health

Public health capacity building and training

Tobacco control, prevention and cessation


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