Sachil Singh

Assistant Professor

Co-Editor, Big Data & Society

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Keele Campus

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Faculty of Health - School of Kinesiology & Health Science


PhD (Sociology) - 2016
Queen's University

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Currently available to supervise graduate students: Yes

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: Yes

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: Yes

Current Research

Dr. Sachil Singh's main areas of research are medical sociology, critical race studies, algorithmic inequality, and surveillance of the body. As an interdisciplinary scholar, he works in these spaces to bring attention to how life chances are shaped by stereotypes and (mis)information about race and ethnicity. His work demonstrates how these problems can make their way into the medical field as ‘objective’ or 'scientific', thereby raising concerns for patient care.  

More specifically, Dr. Singh examines how the implementation of many health technologies contributes to social inequality, such as through the unintended racial biases that influence patient care. His current work examines the sources of these biases that often stem from healthcare practitioners’ unintended personal biases and/or those embedded in the design of health technologies. Dr. Singh has published on this research in the peer-reviewed journals Social Science & Medicine and Health. He is also co-editor of the journal Big Data & Society.

Through his work, Dr. Singh is deeply committed to social inclusion and social justice which extends into the classroom. He teaches in areas of socio-cultural history, identity politics, racial discrimination, and surveillance. He also teaches a Karate-Do course at York that he frames from a social justice perspective.