Maxine Gallander Wintre

Professor Emeritus

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Behavioural Science - BSB
Keele Campus
Phone: 416 736 2100

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Professor Maxine Wintre

Faculty & School/Dept.

Faculty of Health - Department of Psychology

Selected Publications

Wintre, M. G., Gates, S.K.E., Pancer, S.M., Pratt, M.W., Polivy, J., Bernie-Lefcovitch, B., & Adams, G. (2009).The Student Perception of University Support and Structure Scale: Development and Validation. Journal of Youth Studies ,12, 289-306.

Provencher, V., Polivy J., Wintre, M.G., Pratt, M.W., Pancer, S. M., Birnie-Lefcovitch, S., & Adams, G. (2009) Who gains or who loses weight? Psychosocial factors among first-year university students. Physiology and Behavior, 96, 135-141.

Wintre, M. G., Knoll, G. M., Pancer, S. M., Pratt, M. W., Polivy, J., Birnie-Lefcovitch, S., & Adams, G. R. (2008). The Transition to University: Development of a Student-University Match (SUM) Questionnaire. Journal of Adolescent Research, 23, 745-769.

Wintre, M. G., Yaffe, M., & Crowley, J. (1995). Perception of Parental Reciprocity Scale (POPRS): Development and validation with adolescents and young adults. Social Development, 4, 129-148.

Wintre, M. G., & Vallance, D. (1994). A developmental sequence in the comprehension of emotions: Intensity, multiple emotions, and valence. Developmental Psychology, 30, 509-514.


Award for Outstanding Teaching - 1994
Dean of Arts


Currently available to supervise graduate students: No

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: No

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: No

Current Research

Social & emotional development, including gender differences & immigrant/generational status. Currently investigating transitions of emerging adults (e.g. transition to university, domestic and international students, the army, etc). Also interested in developmental changes  (from preschoolers to young adults)  in social relations, consultant choices, social support, social participation skills &  emotion cognition. Also comparisons between "atypical" & "typical" development.

Research Projects

A Multi-Site Study of the Transition to University.
Role: CoInvestigator
Amount funded: $240629
Year Funded: 2006
Duration: 3
Funded by: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

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CV of Maxine A G Wintre