Iris Epstein

Associate Professor

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Faculty of Health - - School of Health Policy & Management - School of Nursing


PhD - 2007
Toronto University
Toronto, Ontario

Master in Nursing - 2001
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Bachelor Science in Nursing - 1998
Montreal University
Montreal, Quebec



Iris Epstein is an Associate Professor at York University. She is jointly appointed to the School of Nursing, Health Policy and management; and Critical Disability Studies program at the faculty of health. A mixed-method researcher, Dr. Epstein is the co-founder of the i.r.i.s (Interdisciplinary Research Inclusive Strategies) research laboratory, a program guided by critical social theory as it investigates accessibility and inclusion across diverse health professional’s education and practices utilizing the intersect between health, technology and place. 

Dr. Epstein's research illuminates the ways in which relationship and technology can support or hinder accommodation and the teaching and learning of practice-based skills. Dr. Epstein program of research  enhance the accessibility to resources and inclusion of health professional students who identify with disability. 

Another thematic research area that Dr. Epstein explores is focused on translating evidence/creating change through knowledge mobilization. She uses processes of engaged scholarship designed to share resources and responsibilities, inform the development of theory and enhance its impact on policy, programs and practice. 


Selected Publications

Epstein, I.; Rose, J.; Juergensen, L.; Mykitiuk, R.; MacEntee, K. Stephens, L. (2022). Thinking Rhizomatically and Becoming Successful with Disabled Students in the Accommodations Assemblage: Using Storytelling as Method; Nursing Inquiry, DOI:10.1111/nin.12475

Epstein, I.; Baljko, M.; Stephens, L; Magel, B.; Dadashi, N.; Smith, H. & Bulk, L. (2022).Document Landscape: Exploring What Shapes the Experiences of Disabled Students in Practice Based Education, Canadian Journal of Disabilities Studies [manuscript accepted Oct 13 2021]

Mack, T.L., Stephens, L. & Epstein, I., (2021). Rethinking clinical essential requirements to increase inclusiveness for nursing students with disabilities: An interdisciplinary lens, Canadian Journal of Disabilities Studies [in print]

Epstein, I., Stephens, L., Mora Severino, S., Khanlou, N., Mack, T.L., Barker, D., & Dadashi, N. (2020). “Ask me what I need”: A call for shifting responsibility upwards and creating inclusive learning environments in clinical placement. Nurse Education Today, 92, 1-6.

Epstein, I., Baljko, M., Thumlert, K., Kelly, E., Smith, J. A., Su, Y., Zaki-Azat, J. N. & May, N. M. (2020). “A video of myself helps me learn”: A scoping review of the evidence of video-making for situated learning. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning14(1), 9.

Epstein, I., Bertram, M. S., Lightstone, E., Pham, T. T. T., Quach, L., Santos-Macias, J., & Skardzius, K. (2020). Feedback on video skill: A concept analysis. International Network on Youth Integration (INYI) Journal, 10(2), 5-14.

Epstein, I., Khanlou, N., Ermel, R. E., Sherk, M., Simmonds, K. K., Balaquiao, L., & Chang, K. Y. (2019). Students who identify with a disability and instructors’ experiences in nursing practice: A scoping review. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 19, 91-118.

Other Research Outputs

Check out the following sites if you are interested to be involved, seeking supervision experiences or just want to use and explore some of the resources developed in the i.r.i.s lab

A. Smartphone video-based and storytelling are used in a mixed method design to understand accessibility and inclusion across diverse health professional’s education and practices. The program includes several projects such as Smartphone Accommodation Resource Toolbox (SmART) , an interdisciplinary tool for accommodating teaching and learning practice-based skills,

B. If you want to be involved in our  AcTon and AcTinSite projects please check following site for more info.  

AcTon and AcTinsite are a multi-institutional projects which explore the accessibility and inclusions of resources and their meaning in clinical placement for health professional students who identify with disability. 


Currently available to supervise graduate students: Yes

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: Yes

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: Not Indicated

Current Research

Research Projects 

Baljko M., Epstein, I.; Stephens, L.; Dadashi, N. (2021-2023) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC),Connection Grant. The purpose is to develop AcTinSite as a Community of Practice: Knowledge mobilization and sustainability

Epstein, I.;Stephens, L.; Baljko, M.; Stevens, B.; Khanlou, N.; Mastrilli, P.; Dadashi, N. (2020-2023).Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Insight Grant. This an interdiscipline crosssectional study with the goal of supporting Accommodation to Include Students with Disabilities in Placement Sites (AcTinSite): Visit site for more info get involved

Jarus, T.; Epstein, I.; Katzman, E.; Yoshida, K.; Stephens, L.; Aubrecht, K.; Kimpson, S.; Newton, (2019-2022)  New Frontiers in Research Fund: Exploration The goal of this health professional  interdiscipline is to co-develop Strategies for Increasing Accessibility and Equity in Health and Human Service Educational Programs: National Perspectives

Khanlou, N.; Bohr, Y.; Connolly, J.; Epstein, I.; Mgwigwi, T.; Pashang, S. Ahmad, F.; Alamdar, N.; Zahraei, S. (2020) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant: Knowledge Synthesis:COVID-19 in  Mental Health & Substance Use The goal is to develop COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines for Mental Health Support of Racialized Women at Risk of Gender-Based Violence

Epstein, I. Khanlou, N.; Nicholson, L.; Jennings, A. Dadashi, N., Stephens, L.; Barker, D.; Mihailidis, A.; Faloutsos, P.; Andrew, J. (2018-2020) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Insight Development Grant (IDG) UNLOCS_PD; Understanding Nursing Landscape of Clinical Placements for Students with Disabilities: A Participatory Design Approach

Research Projects

Accommodation to include students with disability in clinical placement: Interdisciplinary interventions
See project website for all partners and investigators information.
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount funded: $268,000
Year Funded: 2020
Duration: 3
Funded by: Canada Foundation for Innovation

Prespectives of nursing students with disability and instructors on landscape of nursing clinical placements
Using interactive diary and storytelling methodology this multi site research project explores the experiences of nursing students who identify with disability and instructors on the teaching and learning landscape of nursing clinical placements
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount funded: $77,000
Year Funded: 2017
Duration: 2
Funded by: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Multimedia resource to support students with disability placement communication needs : A multidisciplinary intervention
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount funded: $58,000
Year Funded: 2020
Duration: 1
Funded by: York University

SmART-Smartphone Accommodation Resource Toolbox
over 55 examples on how students use their smartphone to learn a skill
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount funded: $93.000
Year Funded: 2018
Duration: 2
Funded by: York University

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