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Keele Campus
Phone: 416 736 2100 Ext. 40556

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Faculty of Health - School of Nursing


Registered General Nurse - 1977
Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Registered Nurse - 1981
College of Nurses of Ontario
Toronto, ON

BScN - 1991
Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

MSc - 1994
Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

PhD - 1999
School of Nursing, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC


New book published December 2021: Pediatric Palliative Care: A Model for Exemplary Practice.

You can read a preview of the book at the publisher’s website:

One year sabbatical started July 1, 2021.

Selected Publications


Davies, B., Steele, R., & Baird, J. (2022; publication date December 22, 2021). Pediatric palliative care: A model for exemplary practice. New York: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.


Robinson, C. A., Steele, R., Widger, K. A., & Robinson, M. (February, 2018). Families in palliative and end-of-life care. In J. R. Kaakinen, D. P. Coehlo, R. Steele, & M. Robinson (Eds.), Family health care nursing: Theory, practice, and research (6th ed.; pp. 279-322). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis.

Steele, R., & Davies, B. (February, 2016). Supporting families in palliative care. In B. R. Ferrell & N. Coyle (Eds.), Hospice & Palliative Nurses Association Palliative Nursing Manuals: Social aspects of care (pp. 51-72). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Steele, R., & Widger, K. (September, 2015). Theoretical perspectives on pediatric palliative care. In B. P. Black, P. M. Wright, & R. Limbo (Eds.), Perinatal and pediatric bereavement (pp. 205-222). New York: Springer.

Steele, R., & Davies, B. (Jan., 2015). Supporting families in palliative care. In B. R. Ferrell & N. Coyle (Eds.), Oxford textbook of palliative nursing (4th ed.; pp. 500-514. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.



Steele, R., Baird, J., & Davies, B. (2022). Using metaphors to make research findings meaningful. (in press). Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.

Bao, D., Feichtinger L., Andrews, G., Pawliuk, C., Steele, R., & Siden, H. (March, 2021). Charting the Territory: End-of-life trajectories for children with complex neurological, metabolic and chromosomal conditions. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, 61(3), 449-455.e1.

Pawliuk, C., Brown, H., Widger, K., Dewan, T., Gregoire, M.-C., Steele, R.; & Siden, H. (Online first, Oct. 2020). Optimising the process for conducting scoping reviews. BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine.

Pawliuk, C., Widger, K., Dewan, T., Brander, G., Brown, H. L., Hermansen, A.-M., Gregoire, M.-C., Steele, R., & Siden, H. (March, 2020). Scoping review of symptoms in children with rare, progressive, life-threatening disorders. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 10(1), 91-104.

van Karnebeek, C. D. M., Beumer, D., Pawliuk, C., Goez, H., Mostafavi, S., Andrews, G., Steele, R., & Siden, H. (October, 2019). A novel classification system for research reporting in pediatric rare and progressive genetic conditions. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 61(10), 1208-1213.

Eaton Russell, C., Widger, K., Beaune, L., Neville, A., Cadell, S., Steele, R., Rapoport, A., Rugg, M., & Barrera, M. (March, 2018). Sibling’s perspectives: A prospective investigation of experiences with a dying child. Death Studies, 42(3), 184-194. doi:10.1080/07481187.2017.1334009

Steele, R., Davies, B., & Krueger, G. (March, 2018). What would be really helpful but nobody ever tells you: Five key recommendations derived from lessons learned during a qualitative study in clinical settings. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 50(1), 37-44. doi:10.1177/0844562117747185

Tatla, S. K., Holsti, L., Andrews, G. S., Feichtinger, L., Steele, R., & Siden, H. (December, 2017). Charting the Territory: Describing the functional abilities of children with progressive neurological conditions. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 71(2017), 191-199. doi:10.1016/j.ridd.2017.10.00

Friedrichsdorf, S. J., Postier, A. C., Andrews, G. S., Hamre, K. E. S., Steele, R., & Siden, H. (July, 2017). Pain reporting and analgesia management in 270 children with a progressive neurologic, metabolic or chromosomally based condition with impairment of the central nervous system: Cross-sectional, baseline results from an observational, longitudinal study. Journal of Pain Research, 10, 1841-1852. doi:10.2147/JPR.S138153

Davies, B., Steele, R., Krueger, G., Albersheim, S., Baird, J., Bifirie, M., Cadell, S., Doane, S., Garga, D., Siden, H., Strahlendorf, C., & Zhou, Y. (February, 2017). Best practices in provider/parent interaction. Qualitative Health Research, 27(3), 406-420. doi:10.1177/1049732316664712

Stephenson, E., DeLongis, A., Steele, R., Cadell, S., Andrews, G., & Siden, H. (January, 2017). Siblings of children with a complex chronic health condition: Maternal posttraumatic growth as a predictor of changes in child behavior problems. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 42(1), 104-113. doi:10.1093/jpepsy/jsw053

Other Research Outputs

2016-2020: Editor, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.

Editor. In J. Rowe Kaakinen, D. Coehlo, R. Steele, & M. Robinson (Eds.), Family health care nursing: Theory, practice and research (6th ed.). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis. Published February, 2018.

Editor, In J. Rowe Kaakinen, A. Tabacco, D. Coehlo, R. Steele, & S. Hanson (Eds.), Family health care nursing: Theory, practice and research (5th ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis. Published July, 2014.

June-Sept. 2017: International Reviewer, Grant Proposal; Consolidator Grant 2017 Call; European Research Council.

May 2015:  Reviewer, Grant Proposals; Collaborative Research Grant Competition 2015; Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, BC, Canada.

May 2015:  Reviewer, Grant Proposal; Establishment Grant Program; Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, SK, Canada.

March -  Fall 2015:  Researcher Member; Knowledge Synthesis Grant Peer Review Committee, spring 2015; Canadian Institutes of Health Research.



International Workgroup (IWG) on Death, Dying and Bereavement
The IWG, a non-profit organization, supports leaders in the field of death, dying and bereavement in their efforts to stimulate and enhance innovative ideas, research, and practice. As a member, I am expected to show leadership in pediatric palliative care research.


Canadian Virtual Hospice
Professional, researcher; videotaped about pediatric palliative care. Reports from various partners indicated that the videos had: changed practice, been embedded in professional development modules and other training initiatives, provided support to families and been shared on Youtube and Facebook. Since 2009, traffic to Virtual Hospice has increased by 300% - the viewership for the videos is broad and varied (patients, families and other support networks, health providers, researchers, educator, volunteers, students and more) – and growing.


Nursing Students Association of York Faculty Award, 2nd Entry - 2021

Nursing Students Association of York Faculty Award, IEN - 2017

Joint Sabbatical Leave Fellowship - 2013

YUFA Merit Award - 2011

YUFA Merit Award - 2010

YUFA Merit Award - 2009

YUFA Merit Award - 2008


Currently available to supervise graduate students: No

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: No

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: No

Current Research

Currently on hold due to COVID-19.


Research Projects

Development of a conceptual framework for quality of life in children with medical complexity nearing end of life
Study objective is to complete the first two stages of the PROM development process, resulting in a conceptual framework of QOL for children with medical complexity nearing the end of life that will be used in subsequent research to guide development of a new QOL measure specific to these children. In Stage 1 we will create a hypothesized conceptual framework based on existing literature. In Stage 2, we will use the hypothesized framework to guide interviews with parents of children with medical complexity and finalize the conceptual framework.
Role: CoInvestigator
Amount funded: $$14,128
Year Funded: 2017
Duration: 2
Funded by: Other...
Other funding: Norman Saunders Complex Care Initiative HSC

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