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Professor Emerita

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Faculty of Health - School of Nursing


BScN - 1989

MEd - 1994

EdD - 2001



Isolde Daiski ( Professor, Emerita, School of Nursing, York University) was a hospital staff nurse for many years, before she earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees and began teaching in the School of Nursing at Ryerson University in 1990. From 2001 onward she was a full-time faculty member at the School of Nursing at York University. Her doctoral work focused on nurses’ experiences in the context of restructuring of healthcare. She conducted research on the impact of poverty and homelessness on health and quality of life. Isolde also volunteered as a nurse with an outreach program for homeless people, called the ‘health bus’.

She was teaching in the Undergraduate as well as the Graduate Programs in the School of Nursing, including supervising several MRP and Theses students in the MScN Program.

Previous research includes a) a needs assessment / evaluation of the health bus outreach program, b) the creation of a news letter by and for homeless people, and c) an exploration of housing needs and impacts of homelessness on health from the perspectives of homeless persons. She has disseminated her research through articles published in peer reviewed Nursing Journals and conference presentations. She was also a co-investigator in research projects regarding the impact of poverty on health outcomes of people living with diabetes and the risks faced by homeless populations of contracting TB. Her latest research with an interdisciplinary team investigated the lived experience of being homeless in suburbia, which is disseminated through an educational video.


Selected Publications


Daiski, I.,Halifax Davis, N., Mitchell, G.J. & Lyn, A. (2012). Suburban homelessness: Engulfment in the grotto of poverty. Studies in Social Justice, 6(1 ), 103-123.


Dinca-Panaitescu, M., Dinca-Panaitescu, S., Raphael, D., Bryant, T., Pilkington, F.B., & Daiski, I. (2012) The Dynamics of The Relationship Between Type 2 Diabetes Incidence and Poverty: Longitudinal Results From Canada’s National Population Health Survey. Maturitas, 72(3), 229-235..


Pilkington, F.B, Daiski, I., Bryant, T., Raphael, D., Dinca-Panaitescu, M., and Dinca-Panaitescu, S. (2011). Type 2 Diabetes in Vulnerable Populations: Community Health Workers' Perspectives of Health Service Needs and Policy Implications. Canadian Journal of Diabetes Care (accepted for publication December 2011)


Raphael, D., Daiski, I.,Pilkington, F.B.,  Bryant,T., Dinca-Panaitescu, M., & Dinca-Panaitescu, S. (2011). Toxic Combination of Poor Social Policies and Programmes, Unfair Economic Arrangements,and Bad Politics: The Experiences of Poor Canadians with Type 2 Diabetes. Critical Public Health, 


Dinca-Panaitescu, S., Dinca-Panaitescu, M., Bryant, T., Daiski, I., Pilkington, B., Raphael, D. (i2011). Diabetes prevalence and income : Results of the Canadian Community Health Survey. Health Policy, 99(2), 116-123. 


Pilkington, B. & Daiski, I., Bryant, T., Raphael, D., Dinca-Panateiscu, M. & Dinca-Panateiscu, S. (2010). The experience of living with Diabetes for low income Canadians. [in press] Canadian Journal of Diabetes Care. 

Daiski, I. ( 2008). Perspectives of homeless people on their housing needs and approaches to ensure success. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 3(6), 53-61. 


Daiski, I. (2008) An expanded model of Diabetes care based in an analysis and critique of current approaches. Journal of Clinical Nursing,17(11c), 310-317.


Daiski, I. (2007). Perspectives of homeless persons on their health and health needs priorities: suggestions for health promotion strategies. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 58(3),273-281.


Daiski, I. & Richards, E. (2007). Professionals on the sidelines: The working lives of bed-side nurses and elementary core French teachers. Gender, Work and Organization, 14(3), 210-231. 


Daiski, I. (2005) The Health Bus: Healthcare for marginalized populations. Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice, 6(1), 30-38 


Daiski, I. (2004). Issues and innovations in nursing practice: Changing nurses’ dis-empowering relationship patterns. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 48(1), 43-50. 


Daiski, I. (2004). Restructuring: A view from the bedside. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership. on-line version:


 Daiski, I. (2004). Response to the Influence of liberal political ideology.on nursing science: An article by Annette J. Browne. Nursing Inquiry, 17, 117-121.


 Daiski, I. (2000). The road to professionalism in nursing: Case management or practice based in nursing theory? Nursing Science Quarterly 13(1), 74-79.



Other Research Outputs

Peel Poverty Action Group, York University, School of Nursing, Homeless Hub, Critical Disability Studies, with the Social Planning Council of Peel: (2009). Spaces and places of homelessness in Peel Region. A video production: Funded by Trillium Foundation



Currently available to supervise graduate students: Yes

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: Not Indicated

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: Not Indicated

Current Research

Her current scholarly interests are in social equity, power, and identity, particularly in relation to marginalized groups, leading to inquiries into the lived experiences of the poor and homeless in society and the impact of poverty on their health. Recent research projects include development of a news letter with marginalized homeless persons, an evaluation/needs assessment of the users of the Health Bus outreach program, as well as impacts of poverty on living with diabetes and risks of tuberculosis. amongst shelter users. Her latest research investigates the lived experience of homelessness in the suburban environment.


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