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Adam, SimonAssociate Professorsiadam@yorku.ca
Amis, FaithAssistant Professor
Aslam, Irfan Undergraduate Program Director, 2nd Entry BScN Programiaslam@yorku.ca
Beagrie, Lesley ElizabethAssociate Professorlbeagrie@yorku.ca
Bertram, Mavoy S.Assistant Professor, Paediatric Nurse Practitionermbertram@yorku.ca
Biondi, Mia JAssistant Professor, NP Program Coordinator, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitionermbiondi@yorku.ca
Bradley, Patricia AAssociate Professorbradleyp@yorku.ca
Buick, Catriona (Trina)Assistant Professor, Oncology Nurse Clinician Scientistcbuick@yorku.ca
Campbell , Karen A.Assistant Professorcampk232@yorku.ca
Choiniere, Jacqueline AAssociate Professor, Graduate Program Directorjacchoin@yorku.ca
Coatsworth-Puspoky, RobinAssistant Professorrcoatswo@yorku.ca
Cowan, Regina AAssociate Lecturer
Crozier, Anne JAssociate Lecturercrozier@yorku.ca
Da Silva, CelinaAssociate Professorcelinads@yorku.ca
Daiski, IsoldeProfessor Emeritaidaiski@yorku.ca
Dastjerdi, Mahdieh (Fay)Associate Professordastjerd@yorku.ca
Epstein, IrisAssociate Professoriepstein@yorku.ca
Falk Rafael, Adeline RProfessorarafael@yorku.ca
Fox, Mary T.Associate Professormaryfox@yorku.ca
Gola, Monica T.mgola@yorku.ca
Gold, EfratPostdoctoral Fellowefrat@yorku.ca
Haghiri-Vijeh, RoyaAssistant Professorrvijeh@yorku.ca
Jeffrey, Janet ElizabethAssociate Professor jjeffrey@yorku.ca
Jensen, ElsabethAssociate Professorejensen@yorku.ca
Johnston, Nancy EAssociate Professorjohnston@yorku.ca
Jonas-Simpson, Christine MAssociate Professorjonasimp@yorku.ca
Khanlou, NazillaProfessor, Women's Health Research Chair in Mental Healthnkhanlou@yorku.ca
Killackey, TieghanAssistant Professortkillack@yorku.ca
Kurtz Landy, ChristineAssociate Professorkurtzlcm@yorku.ca
Lee, Tsorng-YehAssociate Professortsylee@yorku.ca
Lum, LillieAssociate Director and Professorlum@yorku.ca
MacDonnell, Judith Ann (Judy) Associate Professorjmacdonn@yorku.ca
Mallette, ClaireAssociate Professorcmallett@yorku.ca
Mitchell, Gail JProfessorgailm@yorku.ca
Moradian, SaeedAssistant Professorsmoradia@yorku.ca
Orazietti, Brenda E.Assistant Professor, MEd, MScN, CCNE, CCSNE, https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7330-3158brendao@yorku.ca
Page-Cutrara, KarinAssociate Professor, Teaching Stream, Associate Dean, Learning, Teaching & Academic Programskcutrara@yorku.ca
Peisachovich, EvaAssociate Professor, RN, PhDpeva@yorku.ca
Phillips, AndriaAssistant Professorandriaw@yorku.ca
Pilkington, F. BerylAssociate Professor, Professor Emeritabpilking@yorku.ca
Pottinger, AnnCoordinator, IEN BScN Program
Premji, ShahiroseProfessor, School of Nursingpremjis@yorku.ca
Ross, GraceSessional Lecturerrossg@yorku.ca
Sangiuliano, NancyAssociate Lecturernancys@yorku.ca
Seto Nielsen, LisaAssistant Professorlisaseto@yorku.ca
Singh, MinaProfessorminsingh@yorku.ca
Skerratt, SandraAssistant Professor, RN(EC), MN/NP-Adultsskerrat@yorku.ca
Smith, MarySessional Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Mental Health Nursingmsmth22@yorku.ca
Steele, RoseProfessor Emerita, Senior Scholarrsteele@yorku.ca
van Daalen-Smith, CherylAssociate Professor, Associate Dean, Academiccvandaal@yorku.ca
Walkerley, Shelley Assistant Professorswalkerl@yorku.ca

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