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Ma, LiyaAssistant Professorliyama@yorku.ca
MacDonald, Suzanne EUniversity Professorsuzmac@yorku.ca
MacDonnell, Judith Ann (Judy) Associate Professorjmacdonn@yorku.ca
Macpherson, AlisonProfessoralison3@yorku.ca
Mago, VijayAssociate Professorvmago@yorku.ca
Mallette, ClaireAssociate Professorcmallett@yorku.ca
Mandel, David R.Adjunct Professordrmandel66@gmail.com
Mapp, Alistair P.Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director - Department of Psychologyamapp@yorku.ca
Mar, Raymond A.Professormar@yorku.ca
Martin, JodiAssistant Professor, Teaching Streamjodimart@yorku.ca
McCann, Dr. DougPsychology Department, Facultydmccann@yorku.ca
McDonald, Paul Professorpaulmcdo@yorku.ca
Meisner, Brad A.Associate Professormeisnerb@yorku.ca
Mills, Jennifer SProfessor, Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Psychology graduate programjsmills@yorku.ca
Mitchell, Gail JProfessorgailm@yorku.ca
Mochizuki, GeorgeAssistant Professorgmochizu@yorku.ca
Mongrain, MyriamProfessormongrain@yorku.ca
Moore, Anne EAssistant Professor, Associate Undergraduate Program Directoramoore@yorku.ca
Moradian, SaeedAssistant Professorsmoradia@yorku.ca
Mosher, Merv LProfessor, Teaching Streammmosher@yorku.ca
Muir, Nicole MAssistant Professormuirn@yorku.ca
Muise, AmyAssistant Professor, York Research Chair in Relationships and Sexualitymuiseamy@yorku.ca
Muller, Robert TomProfessorrmuller@yorku.ca
Murray, Richard FProfessorrfm@yorku.ca
Murtha, Susan J. E.Associate Professorsmurtha@yorku.ca
Morrow, MarinaProfessor, Chair, School of Health Policy and Managementmmmorrow@yorku.ca

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