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Da Silva, CelinaAssociate Professorcelinads@yorku.ca
Daftary, AmritaAssociate Professor, Global Healthadaftary@yorku.ca
Daiski, IsoldeProfessor Emeritaidaiski@yorku.ca
Daly, Tamara JProfessor, Director, York University Centre for Aging Research and Education (YU-CARE), Director, SSHRC Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities within Communitiesdalyt@yorku.ca
Dastjerdi, Mahdieh (Fay)Associate Professordastjerd@yorku.ca
Davis, Caroline AProfessorcdavis@yorku.ca
davis halifax, nancy vivaAssociate Professornhalifax@yorku.ca
De Lisio, AmandaAssistant Professoradelisio@yorku.ca
DeSouza, Joseph Associate Professor, Systems Neurosciencedesouza@yorku.ca
Desrocher, Mary EAssociate Professor, Clinical Developmental DCT mdesroch@yorku.ca
Dinca-Panaitescu, SerbanAssociate Professorserband@yorku.ca
Dobney, DanielleAssistant Professordobney@yorku.ca
Dolatabadi, ElhamAssistant Professor
Drake, Janessa D MAssociate Professorjdrake@yorku.ca

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