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Research Areas: Neuroscience

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Adler, Scott A.Assistant Professoradler@yorku.ca
Bialystok, EllenDistinguished Research Professorellenb@yorku.ca
Cleworth, TaylorAssistant Professortclewort@yorku.ca
Crawford, Dorota AnnaAssistant Professordakc@yorku.ca
Crawford, John DouglasProfessor, Canada Research Chair, Distinguished Research Professor in Neuroscience, Scientific Director, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA)jdc@yorku.ca
DeSouza, Joseph Associate Professor, Systems Neurosciencedesouza@yorku.ca
Edgell, HeatherAssociate Professoredgell@yorku.ca
Elder, James H.Professor and York Research Chair in Human and Computer Visionjelder@yorku.ca
Freud, ErezAssistant Professorefreud@yorku.ca
Goel, VinodProfessorvgoel@yorku.ca
Hamadeh, Mazen JAssociate Professorhamadeh@yorku.ca
Harris, LaurenceProfessorharris@yorku.ca
Henriques, Denise Y PProfessordeniseh@yorku.ca
Kohler, Peter J.Assistant Professorpjkohler@yorku.ca
Ma, LiyaAssistant Professorliyama@yorku.ca
Mar, Raymond A.Professormar@yorku.ca
Mochizuki, GeorgeAssistant Professorgmochizu@yorku.ca
Murray, Richard FProfessorrfm@yorku.ca
Murtha, Susan J. E.Associate Professorsmurtha@yorku.ca
Park, Norman WAssociate Professornpark@yorku.ca
Pathman, Thanujeni (Jeni)Associate Professor, Psychology Graduate Program Area Coordinator (Developmental Science)tpathman@yorku.ca
Rich, Jill BeeProfessor Emeritusjbr@yorku.ca
Rosenbaum, R. ShaynaProfessor, York Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience of Memoryshaynar@yorku.ca
Sergio, Lauren EProfessor, York Research Chair in Brain Health and Skilled Performancelsergio@yorku.ca
Steeves, Jennifer KProfessorsteeves@yorku.ca
Stevens, W. DaleAssociate Professor, Director, York MRI Facility, Core Member, Vision Science to Applications (VISTA)stevensd@yorku.ca
Till, ChristineProfessorctill@yorku.ca
Wilcox, Laurie MProfessorlwilcox@yorku.ca
Wilkinson, Frances E.Professor emeritusfranw@yorku.ca

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